G4LI Game Play Expo

The G4LI Game Play Expo allows festival attendees to play over 30 STEM-based games, including prototypes, minigames, and commercial products, presented by G4LI and their esteemed industry partners. The Expo is also an opportunity to learn about the latest in game-based research from G4LI’s consortium of universities and educational networks.

The G4LI Game Play Expo will be open on Wednesday, June 20 from Noon-4pm in the Greenberg Lounge at NYU’s Law School, 40 Washington Square South.

The Games for Learning Institute is happy to present the following games:

Afroes: Moraba
G4LI and CMU: Playpower Labs
G4LI: Scoop
G4LI: Create 2 Learn
EDC: Galatic Gloop
EDC: Monster Music
EDC: RoboRiot
EDC: Ruby Realm
ASU: Atlantis Remixed & Quest Atlantis
BrainPOP: GameUp
WGBH: Curious George’s Busy Day
Mozilla: Web Arcade
First Playable: World of Zoo
First Playable: Word Play
G4LI: Math Fluency Data Collaborative Games
First Playable: Possible Worlds
Second Ave Software: Martha Madison’s Marvelous Machines
First Playable: My Virtual Tutor
G4LI: Battleship Numberline
G4LI: Flagella
G4LI: Noobs vs. Leets
G4LI: Factor Reactor
G4LI: Puzzle Blocks
G4LI: Tank Q
G4LI: MatMatics
World Wide Workshop: Globaloria Games
NYU-ITP: Gortha