Create 2 Learn

Target Audience: Sixth Grade
Description: We are 7th and 8th Grade students from the Urban Assembly Institute of Math & Science for Women in Brooklyn. We participated in the Create2Learn afterschool game design program, and created and playtested ideas for three games to help 6th graders learn math. Our games: Alchemath, Fatal Forest, and Farm Animals. We got to develop FARM ANIMALS with the help of the game design company, First Playable.
Creatives:With the support from the Motorola Solutions Foundation, the Games for Learning Institute has formed the Create to Learn Network (C2L) in partnership with several New York City (NYC) public schools, the Global Kids organization and 1st Playable Productions. The goal of the C2L Network is to promote creativity, innovation, inquiry, and math and science competencies in middle school students through game design.
Urban Assembly Middle School Students:Organized by Tzuchi Tsai.
Dominique Arno, Theory Cogbill, Ayan Cyrille, Elliya George, Shanyah Gunpot, Bernice James, Michaela Jarvis, Seren Linden, Adriana Louison, Ciarra Maraj, Nishat Mohinuddin, Shamar Niang, Nalani Nicholas, Giselle O’Brady, Ana Pena, Emilia Rivera, Anna Rodriguez, Anisa Saigo, Andaiye Wurm, Veronica Hanc, Patrice Oxley, Ayanna Griffith, Brittney McLaurin, Jordan, Angel Winchester
Wingate Middle School Students:Organized by Denise Jennings (Assistant Principal)
Toni Clement, Wensa Pierre, Ashanti Marshall, Joneissa Edwards, Alleyah DeGannes
Global Kids Staff:Barry Joseph, Juan Rubio