Target Audience:Middle School students
Description:Second Avenue Learning’s Martha Madison’s Marvelous Machines is a collaborative physical science game for middle school age students funded in part by the National Science Foundation. Using playable characters, groups of two to four players use simple machines to solve engineering problems. The game is designed in Unity, so is three-dimensional. The imaginative design of the game is meant to draw children into STEM subjects at an age when many turn away from them, particularly girls. High quality graphics and a compelling storyline and characters make the game appropriate for use in schools, after school programs or at home.
Creatives:Second Avenue Software: Victoria Van Voorhis (Game Producer), Mike Gamin (Director of Development), Mike McFarland (Developer), Bart Moore (Developer), Jamil Khan (Developer), Sandy Gifford (Art), Susan Coldny (Art), Rose Khan (Art), Steve Gallo (Art), Jackie Nee (Art)