Scoop! Screenshot

Target Audience:Middle School students
Description:Scoop! explores the potent mid-body-emotion connection by asking if we can evoke meaningful feelings through gesture. With technologies like Microsoft’s Kinect, we can leave traditional game controllers behind. What exactly is powerful about doing so? Research has shown that some students fail to grasp certain math concepts at critical points in their educations. The number line and fractions are two such concepts often associated with considerable anxiety. Scoop! aim at addressing this by bodily engendering confidence. Scoop! allows students to experience fractions and number lines spatially with their own hands. Players play the game, placing their bodies into “power poses” that temporarily affect hormone levels associated with feelings of confidence. As such we are researching Scoop! as an experience able to bolster learning.
Creatives:Yavuz Avci, Chrystanyaa Brown, Chris DiMauro, Haitham Ennasr, Wen Fan, Jonathan Frye, Dr. Katherine Isbister, Gaurav Jindal, Arunram Kalaiselvan, Mike Karlesky, Suzanne Kirkpatrick, Jessamyn Lidasan, Chris Lo, Aman Luthra, Ashwin Ramesh, Rahul Rao, Syed Salahuddin, Ulf Schwekendiek, Miranda Sita, Kong Tsao from NYU Poly