G4C Learn’s flagship program, the G4C Student Challenge, is a game design competition that invites youth to create digital games inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The program uses youth interest in video games to develop coding and digital design skills, as well as problem solving, collaboration, creativity, and other critical STEAM skills. The Challenge is also a platform for amplifying student voices, empowering young people to imagine creative solutions to social problems, and to see themselves as engaged citizens and changemakers. Since its launch in 2015, the Challenge has benefited over tens of thousands of youth, their teachers, and their communities.


Learn to think like a game designer and create your first game with the G4C Intro to Game Design curriculum! Access tons of great game design tools and resources here. Check out past winners of the Student Challenge competition here.


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Challenge your kids to design and code a video game about important community topics (start here)! They will gain important STEAM and 21st-Century Skills. Sign up for the G4C Learn Newsletter to stay involved!

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