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Ashe Mothè is a Peppered Moth, they look this way due to pollution, she is also a pun on the idiom “Litter Bug” as that is also the name of her boss music. She is 32 years old, 5’01” in height, and although she isn’t French, she has a French accent. She likes making puns, as her death quotes are “Perhaps you misunderstood. I am peppered with victory.”, “It appears that I have trashed you dear.”, and “Oh my, did I scare you with my big eyes?” she uses her wings and crumpled paper from the tips of her antenna as an attack.

She used to be a regular Poodle Moth who worked as a fashion designer and model, but as the pollution rose it caused her wings to become peppered, as even she used trash as attacks and clothing now.

Student: Willow G

School: Livonia Career Technical Center (Livonia, MI)



My character is passionate, fearful, and serious. She has blonde hair with green highlights, blue eyes, cheeks are a little pink from being outside so much. Her name is Emma Green.

My character is a recycling hero who is very athletic and collects trash and recycles it. In her younger life she always was irritated with people who didn’t recycle or even try to put trash away in the right way. So when she grew up, she got more passionate about trying to clean the world and try and save it. She is passionate, persuasive, nice, and isn’t afraid to help the world with recycling no matter the cost.

Student: Breonna L

School: Livonia Career Technical Center (Livonia, MI)



Trash Turtle is a turtle/reptile creature who is an amalgamation of litter and pollution. It is aggressive and hostile towards others but especially people because they are responsible for polluting the earth. It acts on its own and wants revenge.

Student: Avery C

School: Livonia Career Technical Center (Livonia, MI)



My character is a Lion King or Knight with a giant shield, bigger than him even as he himself is giant. He is the protector of the lands he roams, not necessarily staying in one place. Bold, noble, confidant, big-hearted, loyal, fiercely protective, generous, ambitious, and a bit of a drama queen at times.

In the game, he will sprout words of wisdom, showing people that fighting is never the option, it may be a question at times, but most likely not the majority is the answer “yes.” a strong leader to push anyone into rethinking the choices and actions they’ve made. Mercy upon those even who chose the option to fight. He believes that any person can change if just given a little push in the right direction, but to also let them choose their own path, as that is not his decision to make, but trusts in them to make the right decision.

Student: Willow G

School: Livonia Career Technical Center (Livonia, MI)



If you asked anyone who knows her, they would describe Adalia as empathetic, adaptive, creative, and self-sufficient. She always makes sure to include people, and always does her best to provide for others.

Born in 1995 to Guatemalan and British parents, Adalia has had her hands on a camera since she was a young child. During her youth, she won many photography contests, simply by photographing the environment she lived in. She got a job with a charity organization as a photojournalist. She photographed images of people living in war zones and used their stories to spread awareness about the issues that they face. Her engaging style of photography brought a lot of attention to these people and caused more people from other countries to get involved and try to get their governments to aid in ending the wars that she photographed.

In the game, her role is to photograph people living in war zones, pick out the photos to use, and develop articles to publish. This can teach people both photography and editing skills. It may also inspire people to get involved and try to further spread awareness about current wars and encourage their governments to take action.

Student: Camilla R

School: Hackensack High School (Hackensack, NJ)



My character’s name is Solaria. Solaria is a female deity who has the powers to channel peace. Solaria is a wise, gentle, and patient being. She is focused on her main duty, which is to give peace to mortals. She is extremely dedicated to her job and takes it very seriously. Solaria has lived for a long time watching over different parts of the universe to care for mortal beings. She is like a mother figure to mortals and very few know about her presence. Solaria’s nature is very calm and she understands the struggles mortals face unlike the other deities. She is a great warrior as well and will go to a mortal’s planet if there is a war. Her voice is mature and deep. She is kind-hearted towards others and she is an empath. She sympathizes with others and she relates to them all on a deep level.

Solaria’s role in the game is to be a guide to the main character. Solaria lends the map of galaxies to the player and gives advice throughout the game. Solaria can also be seen in battle, so if there were to be a battle near the end of the game, she can be used as a playable character or an npc who helps the player.

Student: Caitlin L

School: Bayside High School (Flushing, NY)

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Tiger-Lily is a shark-themed character designed and modeled after the nearly endangered species; the tiger shark. She is an athletic and fast character with a spunky cheeky outgoing personality. She’s also very witty & playful all the while displaying a friendly competitive edge! Bright colors on certain species may signify toxicity, however, bright colors on Tiger-Lily equate to positivity!

Tiger-Lily’s in-game abilities include an agility rush, which allows her to travel quickly on land and even underwater too. This also allows her to nimbly parry and collect trash efficiently. Tiger-Lily also possesses an ability to upcycle and craft new items with the trash she collects. The player can create items/tools that are important to gameplay. Tiger-Lily can even craft furnishings that she can use to decorate and update her dwelling space. For her final ability, she uses her trusty floaties as a grappling tool to traverse areas more easily. Also, her floaties can be used as a lasso, which lets her collect trash from long distances.

Tiger-Lily works hard as the team leader of AquaStarz Marine Division 5. Her keen attention to detail is imperative to keeping the ocean’s patrons safe! Her hobbies include speed diving, upcycling fabrics, and creative writing.

Student: Sarriah S

School: NYC DOE Home Schooling (Staten Island, NY)



She’s someone who can be intimidating but is a sweet person on the inside! She’s an overthinker and worries too much about others rather than herself. She’s very kind and caring to their partner, kind of flirty like one of their mothers Elysia, and loves food like Kiana but is also picky. (General traits: honest, reliable, sociable, sincere, shy, driven).

She has 3 mothers who fight for humanity and Earth’s life. Grew up well and kind just like her parents plus has a battle suit like them, also light wear since the heat could be affecting them since it could burn. She usually has the hairstyle of their mother Raiden Mei and most of her looks from her too. She has a happy life, but there was a moment in life where she lost her wondrous garden due to global warming, but there was much more that happened to her that made her want to help the Earth, but since then she gained the power to shoot ice to make ice bergs like one of her mothers Elysia. Which is how she’s a hero now, especially for climate change. Their role in the game is someone who also fights for humanity and Earth. Her battlesuit was originally inspired by her mother Elysia, but it was just a quick making at the same time. Her bow was gifted to her by her mother Elysia, who is also an ice and bow user.

Student: Catherine C

School: David A. Boody IS 228 (Brooklyn, NY)



Harry is a very positive and happy house. He wears a wide smile that brings joy to everyone in the room. He is not one for bullying or upset feelings, so he does all he can to put a smile on everyone’s face.

Harry is a house who wants to bring people together and stop online bullying. When Harry was young, he played video games. His games were the highlight of his day until some other online players said unkind things that made him sad and hurt. His favorite part of the day became a very sad reminder of what happened to him. His experience encouraged him to be part of a solution where people wouldn’t have to feel the way he felt. And since he has been finding new ways to help close the door to online bullies in virtual gaming spaces.

Houses are supposed to be an environment where people feel comfortable and safe. Harry uses this quality of his paired with his tools the couch and a table to help people be safe and positive and feel included in online play. Help Harry on his journey to end online bullying and create positive play.

Student: Brooklyn D

School: Barber Middle School (Acworth, GA)

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M.U.M.E or M.O.M.E. These acronyms mean Made of Magic. Mome is a puppet made up of maple wood and was handcraft by the most wanted Light Mage and the least wanted Dark Mage. Mome can’t express any emotion, nor can they talk so she tends to use sign language or write to communicate with other people. The endoskeleton underneath her wood base is made from waterproof steel. Her height is 5,4 and her design is meant to look 12-14 years old. She is 76% sentient meaning that she feels emotions, yet she doesn’t know how to express herself. Even though she doesn’t have emotions, she does enjoy bringing many people together during battles.

Mome’s favorite elements to use the most are fire, electricity, and water. The gloves and clothing provide durability to her character, but they depend on how high the temperature or shock is. Her necklace is the item that helps her store certain magic/elements she wishes to use and if it were to break all the power stored in it would explode out causing them to be powerless.

Student: Sahniya W

School: Barber Middle School (Acworth, GA)



Rue is cheerful and nice, but doesn’t like when people lie, and prefers to be honest. She primarily heals but isn’t afraid to stand up for herself and fight. Some moves she can use are Plant Prayer, Green Thumb, Overgrow, and Flytrap. She has a few but close friends, and wears overalls because of frequently gardening and getting dirty often. Rue wants to be an apothecary and open her own shop, and hopes to help the player achieve their dreams and bring their kingdom back to it’s originally peaceful state.

She stores the plants in a “plant pod” which is a device she had made with her parents, so she can carry them wherever she is. On her birthday, her parents made her a leaf charm, so she would be able to manipulate and conjure plants in her “plant pod”, so long as she was wearing it. Rue accidentally ran into the player while going to the store to buy seedlings, and became friends. The Player can’t use their power without getting hurt, so Rue often tries to make things for them along with her parents. She helps the player by making potions and assisting them in battles

Student: Avni C

School: Fred J Carnage Magnet Middle School (Raleigh, NC)



Bon•Bun is energetic and caring as she likes to see kids have good dreams. This makes her good natured as she selflessly makes it her life mission to deliver good dreams to kids every night. She is also craft as she makes a different dream for everyone based of their interests.

Every night, Bon•Bun leaves her home, the moon ,to deliver good dreams to the children of earth. However she often encounters night-ters who don’t want to see the children be happy like she does, but instead wants the children to have bad dreams. As the protector of goo dreams, Bon•Bun goes out every night to beat the monsters to deliver dream eggs from her basket before the night-ters can get to the children.

Student: Arnese S

School: Arabia Mountain (Lithonia, GA)



Ren is reckless, persistent, passionate, and anxious. Their childhood and current circumstances form a lot of these traits, such their past in archery influencing their choice of weapon and the pressure of near-death forcing them to move through their current situation as quickly as possible. Ren likes to wear baggy, soft clothes made of silk and linen, even if they are very difficult to come by. Now that they are fighting with their sentient sword, the two must form a very symbiotic relationship with one another, as Ren needs to use the sword to fight and ultimately free their own soul, and the sword must be fed the souls of others to survive.

Ren was born as a farmer from Kyushu, Japan. Although they were born into a low-income family, they held a great passion for combat, particularly archery. As they grew older, they became skilled in combat and, after being shunned by their family for their androgyny, left to pursue their passion for combat in the Japanese military. But things took a drastic turn for Ren when they were afflicted by a curse.

Student: Charlie S

School: Lincoln High School (Portland, OR)



My character’s name is Iris. She is related to the theme of Climate Action Heroes. Iris was a plant god with a unique ability to control the weather. She used her powers to help prevent climate change by creating rain in drought-stricken areas and bringing sunshine to places experiencing too much rain. Her bow and arrow were the envy of all the other gods, and she was revered by mortals who depended on her to keep their crops healthy. Iris knew her work was never done, but she took pride in knowing she was doing her part to save the planet. She has a different types of arrows to prevent the causes of climate change.

Her backstory is that she was born a god. She came from Daia and Demeter the Greek gods of plants. She lost her eyes trying to help the earth and only was given one. She lost her eyes trying to help her home planet: Kadpul but unfortunately lost it and was banished and sent to Earth. She noticed all humans were damaging it so she created a bow and arrow with her power to prevent what happened to Kadpul.

Student: Andrea T

School: Florence Nightingale Middle School (Los Angeles, CA)



Gilbert T. Gnome is a living garden gnome with a passion for gardening, exploring nature, and basically anything related to plants. Outside of these hobbies, Gilbert is quite sour, and prefers solitude rather than the company of others. He lives in a large greenhouse along with his plants. He prefers watering and tending to his plants by hand, rather than using sprinklers or other such things. He especially dislikes artificial fertilizers and pesticides, as not only do they not let you connect with your plants, they disrupt the natural world through the chemicals they leak into the soil and water, and the pollutant gasses emitted in their manufacturing process. As a result of his tender care, the plants he grows always bear the highest quality of fruits and vegetables.

He is a passionate activist against climate change, mainly because the changing climate could endanger the careful balance of many ecosystems around the globe, and not only would it keep him from seeing the unique plants that live in those ecosystems, it would keep future generations from enjoying them too.

Student(s): Bram B, Asa S, Kai S

School: Lincoln High School (Portland, OR)

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Alexia is a mischievous explorer who takes a cute, bunny-like form. She feels strongly about her own opinions and stands by them even if nobody else agrees. She’s known for her sharp tongue, but most people can tell that she means well. She’s dedicated to helping those in need, as suggested by her name, Alexia, which means “helper”.

She is always accompanied by her familiar, a small, fluffy creature named Mitra. Mitra usually perches on Alexia’s magical staff. Despite being partners for so long, they’re constantly bickering with each other.

Alexia is an alien from a planet that was previously inhabited by life, called Reia. Due to the irresponsible use of magic, the planet entered a period of extreme weather and natural disasters. Soon, it became uninhabitable by life.

The role of Alexia in this game is to warn players about the harms of climate change from a unique perspective (from the viewpoint of an alien!!), teach them unconventional ways to make environmentally friendly changes in their daily lives, and most importantly, convince them that their small actions matter more than they might think they do.

Student: Julia M

School: Los Altos High School (Los Altos, CA)