• Any middle or high school student (grades 5-12) in the U.S. can enter the competition.

• If under the age of 18, students must have parent/guardian consent to enter the competition.

• If a student is under the age of 13, an adult must submit an entry form on the student’s behalf.

• All applicants may be required to provide verification of enrollment, age, and parental/legal guardian permission.


• Games must be made using any free/open platform (ex: Scratch, Unity, Twine, Construct, etc.). If you are unsure if a platform meets this requirement, please contact [email protected]g.

• Games must be playable on a web browser and accessible via a URL. One exception: if you choose to make a game using Minecraft: Education Edition, you will need to submit a video walkthrough of your game (recommendation: 2-10 minutes long), in lieu of a URL link.

• Any assets you make for your game must be created using free/open-source software/programs.

• Games must be about one of this year’s social impact Themes.

• Students can submit up to 1 game per Theme for a total of 3 game submissions.

• Students can choose to work alone on their games as an individual, or as part of a team of 2-4 students.

• One student will identify themselves as the ‘Team Leader’ and be responsible for submitting an entry form on the team’s behalf. Team Leaders will also be responsible for all communications with G4C. If a student is under the age of 13, the Team Leader must be an adult, who will submit an entry on the students’ behalf.

• Competitors must have a valid email address. This is how G4C will let you know of your standing in the competition. **A personal email address is highly preferred over a school-affiliated email address (school email addresses might not accept emails from an outside domain).

• Students have the option of submitting additional materials for the judges to review (ex: storyboard, essay, explanatory video, original artwork, etc.).

• If the game or submission form violates Games for Change’s Terms of Use, the submission will be disqualified.